Confidence with Friends and Trying New Things

“I brought Haris (age 9) to you because I was at the end of my tether with worry. He was desperately unhappy at school, scared to try new things, and couldn’t get along with any of the kids in his class.

Since he saw you all that has changed. Now he is popular with the other kids and I often see them waiting for him at the school gate to walk into school together. His school work has improved and he’s far happier in himself. He recently put himself forward as a Road Safety Officer at school and had to speak on stage in assembly. Afterwards the Headteacher came to me with this huge grin on her face, saying how much he has changed, how proud she is of him, how confidently he comes across now, and how good he is with the other kids.

You have turned my son’s life around for him and I am very, very grateful for that. Plus it was obvious to me that for you it wasn’t about the money – you really wanted to help Haris. It was worth every penny and I am very lucky that I found you.”

Alesha Khan, Mother of Haris, age 9