Academic AND Social Transformation

Dear Kevin

I’ve waited till now to give my feedback to the work you did with Bimal as I wanted some tangible results to share with you and make observations over time that were measurable and progressive and not merely subjective. So here goes… approximately 6 months after the last session which was mind changing for all of us, the changes and shifts in Bimal’s behaviour have been very noticeable and positive, I am pleased to say he is becoming a far more confident person and proud of his school work – his end of year 10 results were truly fantastic, achieving 3 A* and an A in his weakest subjects (sciences) and 92% in maths which he had previously given-up on. On a social front, his level of interaction with adults has improved and seems far more comfortable in the company of friends and family.

We are extremely happy and proud with the progress he has made and thanks to you, he is now realising the potential we know he has.”

Atma, Father of Bimal, Age 15

Further update…

We received Bimal’s GCSE exam results a couple of weeks ago and we are very pleased with the outcome – he received 5 A* and 4 A grades, a clean sweep!. The A* were in maths and all the sciences – the subjects he had previously given up on before we received your help. The change has been measurable and sustainable and thanks again for the guidance you provided.

He has now definitely turned the corner and even decided with confidence to pick A-level maths which further underlines his ability to make his own decisions and move forwards.”