Far, Far Happier at School

“Kevin has helped me to be able to continue through to a new school without worry and complete numerous tests without thinking about the results being bad. I feel that if I would have not met Kevin I would have struggled through the rest of my school years. I’m glad I met Kevin.”

Sam, Age 13

“My son Sam was struggling to cope with his daily life. We would spend time every night discussing his ‘worries’, he was putting pressure on himself to achieve success in school, he had problems with friendships and sports. His confidence and self-esteem was very low and I was becoming concerned as he grew increasingly anxious. Although I tried to help him I knew he really needed to speak to someone else. I tried speaking to our Doctor and getting some advice but this wasn’t enough.

I contacted Kevin and after our initial appointment I felt relieved, I could see Sam didn’t seem as anxious. Sam looked forward to his appointments with Kevin, he didn’t discuss them with me but he didn’t have to as he always came away with a smile. It has been reassuring knowing Kevin has been there, he has had an enormous affect on Sam. I know he will miss his appointments.

Sam is a different child he has a more positive attitude his confidence and self-esteem has increased greatly. Although I know he will have his ups and downs I feel reassured he has the ability to cope with whatever comes his way.

I would certainly recommend Kevin, as he has had a positive effect on both myself and Sam. I will always be grateful for his advice and guidance but most of all for making my son happy again.”

Karen Wilkinson, Learning Support Assistant and Sam’s Mum