Life Changing Confidence

“Before seeing Kevin, I had little confidence generally and quite low self esteem. Many people said they thought I was confident, but it was all a façade. Inside, I was like the proverbial swan – swimming serenely on the surface, no worries – but with feet paddling madly in circles under the water and panicking! I had even been prescribed Prozac, which helped a little but was never going to be a lasting solution. I wanted to be able to not worry what people thought of me or feel judged, either for my actions, what clothes I wore or in fact any life choices I made. To be able to stand up and make a statement or deal with a situation and not feel worried for days afterwards. Now, through seeing Kevin I feel I have grown and truly become the person I wanted to be, totally happy with myself, having the confidence to speak out and no longer made to ‘feel’ anything I don’t want to. The exercises and processes he has walked me through have given me the abilities to deal with even the most challenging of situations. All this has naturally made a great difference to my life, in all sorts of wonderful ways.”

Terina Worrall, Dental Practice Manager

Further update…
“Hi Kevin, Just to keep you updated 18 months on. Can’t believe it was that long ago! Anyway bit of feedback – life going well generally, positive attitude at work, good results, I am feeling so much better. Comments received from both people I do know and also those I have never met before! Such as how confident and strong I seem to them! (some men I notice really like this!!!) I feel so much more in control of my life in every way possible and have to say Thanks Kevin – it’s onwards and upwards! I am looking forward to this year! Regards, Terina”