Feeling Fully Alive

“Hi Kevin,

Firstly I would like to thank you once again for guiding me to letting myself know “WHO I TRULY AM”. It is with no doubt that the power of your teachings are effective once I allowed myself to be open to it. I was always in a state of sleepwalk. Not being fully ‘AWARE’ of my surroundings, even to the effect that it felt like I did not feel any pain. Years would pass by and I would think of small incidents that happened in my life and beat myself up for it. I used to wake up every morning not wanting to do anything, not feeling comfortable in my own skin.

Now I can’t wait to get up and enjoy what life has to offer. It seemed as if I went through life with a not so clear pair of shades on and after seeing you its like my vision is in HIGH DEFINITION quality. My focus and goals in life are extremely clear, my calmness is way beyond what I could ever imagine and my appreciation for life is absolutely PHENOMENAL. I can now truly experience the quote: ‘Life is what you make of it.’ I would recommend anyone to Kevin who feels the need of a joyful and fulfilling life.”

Fawaaz Jones, Student