From Worn Down to Self Assured

“During my review in work, I was discussing my performance with my boss and the fact that I didn’t feel I was contributing or delivering enough. The previous few years I had been through a divorce and lots of change, stress and pressure at work and although things had turned a corner, I was basically feeling worn down and worn out. I suggested that maybe I could do with some confidence coaching and to my surprise and delight my boss agreed.

Now, after seeing Kevin, I simply am more confident and self assured without having to try or work at it. My boss, colleagues, friends and family have noticed a big difference – in fact many close friends and family have said they are pleased to ‘have the real Sally back’.

I’d happily recommend Kevin to anyone feeling challenged, mentally exhausted and unable to find a way through. It was a pleasure to work with him and the experience has genuinely enhanced my quality of life.”

Sally Allan, Marketing Communications Manager, Regional Building Society

Further Update…
“Hi Kevin

I have just completed the paperwork for my half year review and I just want to say another really big ‘thank you’! Almost a year on from the coaching, the transformation in the way I think, behave and ultimately present myself is amazing – what shines through is a confidence in my ability and enthusiasm for my work that just wasn’t there a year ago.

What I find equally surprising is that this hasn’t been horribly hard work! It’s the result of a gradual and ongoing shift in my perspective, and although I came to you primarily concerned about work, I also feel happier and more positive about my life and relationships outside work as well.

Thank you again for support and guidance – I greatly appreciate and value the work that you do.

All the best,