Breaking Through Limitations

“Before seeing Kevin I felt I had exhausted most self-discovery avenues, and felt that my struggles and confidence problems were with me to stay! Gladly, I took the bold leap of faith in trying something different! I am not great at opening up to strangers and it takes time for me to build trust. Kevin made the experience feel ‘down to earth’ as we discussed my concerns very openly and light heartedly – with a few challenges along the way! Within 30 mins of the first session I had a breakthrough moment, discovering that I was more limited than I could have ever thought possible. The simple tool that Kevin introduced to me, and I hasten to add I challenged him on, eventually became logical. I realised that by looking at situations differently and challenging my thought processes, I began to feel empowered. I was able to manage my inner voice better, tell it to be quiet and I get on with what I wanted to accomplish. I feel I am on a journey to returning to the true person I used to be with less inhibitions, more energy, interest and passion. I, myself am on the path of becoming a Coach and found this beneficial to assist me in my journey. Thank you Kevin – definitely worthwhile!”

Kathy Ellis, Communications Manager, National Restaurant Chain