From Downward Spiral to Ever-Upward Spiral

“I came to the coaching feeling extremely low, seeing an uncertain future, and stuck in a downward spiral of negative thinking and under-performance. But thanks to Kevin, all that changed in just a few short weeks. The simple but extremely powerful tools which he has given me mean I feel good about myself, I believe in myself, and I stay that way even when the pressure is on. It’s like I’m listening to a different soundtrack, and it’s playing automatically – so I feel good without even thinking about it! As a direct consequence, I now take things in my stride where before I would have crumpled. I have given briefings to senior business and government figures, and done so with confidence and ease. I have upped my game at work – and my level of enjoyment – in all manner of ways. And I have just won a scholarship for my forthcoming MBA programme. None of this would have happened if I’d carried on the way I was going. Now the future is compelling and attractive. In my view, the things Kevin does enable you to achieve exponential results, in an extremely short space of time. Sometimes in life you make the right decision, and I’m so glad, when I look back now to the time when I was weighing up whether to do this or not, that I did make the right decision, to take this step forward.”

Chris Sutherland, Head of Marketing