Lifelong Self-Esteem and Relief from Back Pain

“Before I came to you I’d spent much of my life wearing a mask, feeling nervous and living in fear. I worried about the smallest things, let everyone else dump their stuff onto me and was even anxious about getting the bus into town or going to see friends on the train.

“Now, just one month later, I feel transformed. I’m standing up for myself at work and with my family. I’m travelling around and enjoying it. I have a wonderful amount of energy now, combined with a real inner calmness. I get up feeling so happy, and these days every morning is a good one. I feel strong and confident, terrific and whole, as if the confident person who’s been trapped inside crying to be noticed for so long, has now been freed.

“On top of all that, for years I had held so much tension in my back that it would spasm and I’d spend days in bed taking pain killers. But now that I’ve changed how I feel inside, my back problems have completely disappeared! To feel this good in such a short time is truly remarkable.”

ST, Parent