Smoking and Pain of Loss

“I came to you to stop smoking and yes, I’ve done that successfully. But the best thing is that I’ve also got so much more out of seeing you. I’d had counselling years ago after a traumatic event but it hadn’t made any difference, and I’d been stuck in the same place ever since. You have helped me let go of the grief I’d carried all that time, and now my approach to life has changed. I’ve left behind a weight of things which are outside of my control and am facing forward and feeling positive, lighter and happier. I’m still me, just more sure of myself. Plus my asthma has improved as an extra added bonus! I’m very happy that I suspended my scepticism and disbelief and went to you, and I’m amazed at how easy all this has been. I’ve been recommending you to everyone. Many, many thanks.”

Tabitha Stewart, Nurse