Teenager Back to His Happy Self

“Hello Kevin,

I just wanted to say “thank you” for helping Tom over these past couple of months. The change in him is really brilliant to see, he has lost all the darkness that had been around him and is now back to his old chatty, funny, positive self. It is such a relief to me as his Mum to see him more confident and happier again and I’m so glad that Mike [Tom’s Dad] went ahead with meeting up with you. Whatever you have said to Tom has had a really positive effect on him. His school work has improved too, from being put down a set in maths last year he is now back in top set and third in the class and is working hard. He is nice to be around again and if we have to ‘have words’ then it no longer ends up with shouting. I hope he can take this with him now and use it whenever he feels he needs to throughout his life. Thanks so much again, you managed to help when both myself and Mike really didn’t know how to.”

Kelly, Mother of Tom, Age 14