Dyslexia - Gone

Jack is now in year 8 and in the two years since we saw you he has been moved up sets in many of his subjects and continues to be a very hardworking and conscientious young man. I also wanted to let you know how far he has come since we met.

He started year 3 (age 7) with a reading age of 4 years and 7 months, so 2.5 years behind his age. He has just been tested at school (age 12) and his reading comprehension is now an age equivalent of over 18 years 11 months, which is truly incredible. His reading speed is an age equivalent of 15 years 8 months, a truly staggering increase. We are all delighted and he has now, at my request, been removed from the Special Educational Needs register.

Sophie, SEN teacher and mother of Jack, age 12