Standing Up For Herself

Hi Kevin,

Further to the Zoom session you had with Chloe last week I wanted to give you an update. Chloe did have an incident this week where she decided to stand up to Imogen. Predictably, Imogen cried and then gathered people around her to sympathise, who then of course looked to the source of her distress i.e. Chloe. Imogen also told a teacher. This would usually really bother Chloe because it’s when all the others get involved and potentially turn on her for ‘making Imogen cry’ that puts her off standing up for herself. However, when one of the girls said ‘you should probably stop talking now Chloe, you’re making Imogen cry’ Chloe said ‘Imogen cries all the time anyway, so what’s the difference now!’

Chloe was not bothered by their reaction and she said to me ‘it had to be said’. She is definitely feeling much stronger in herself, and we have had no incidences at all of her coming home distressed by friend situations. When something does happen it tends to be minor and doesn’t seem to bother her. She is not alone at break times any more, she had a play date this week with the girl who she had thought was out of reach socially (she invited Chloe), and is generally more relaxed and happy in groups.

Amanda, mother to Chloe, age 10