Big Turnaround for 10 Year Old Boy

“Dear KEVIN Since our meetings I have become more confident and I stand up to the bullies at school. One of them has even now become my friend. Im doing very well with my work at school and preparing for my 11+ for next year. My mum shouts a lot less at me.The technique really helped me and I felt calm and relaxed when I did it. To all those people who will go to Kevin, I’m confident he will help you. Thank you Kevin! you were a great help not just to me but to my mum too. THANK YOU!!!.”

Omar, age 10

“Dear Kevin

I first contacted you as I had some concerns about my son’s confidence and the effect this had on his school work and getting on in general with his peers. I’m pleased to say that both his teachers and myself have seen a significant change in Omar’s attitude and approach to challenges. My son got a lot out of the sessions. He was able to express his feelings, understand that he is not always at fault and does not have to be perfect.

My son is a much happier child who despite many challenges in his life no longer blames himself for every little thing. This was achieved with your help. My son and I found the exercises very helpful and have used them together to address some unresolved issues.

I do really appreciate your help with my son and I hope his confidence will go stronger and stronger.
Many thanks,”

Mina, Omar’s Mum