Happier and Popular at School

I am delighted to tell you that Charlie has undergone a major transformation in the last two months (particularly, in the last month). He is much more confident – more so than he has ever been – and is now enjoying a fulfilling and very active social life. He has developed a number of existing friendships, has a new (and very lovely) ‘best’ friend and, in contrast to when I first contacted you last summer, always seems to be happily engaged with his friends and peers when I pick him up from school.  Alongside these truly wonderful improvements in his social confidence, Charlie has also become much more comfortable and happy with who he is as a person. He is now proud of the fact that he is academic and, it appears, has earned himself a ‘cool’ reputation among his peers as an expert in Scratch (a coding programme) and a master of maths! Furthermore, now that he feels less pressured to excel in everything he does (sports, in particular) Charlie has also joined a local Judo club, signed himself up for table tennis club at school and taken up swimming again. He is thoroughly enjoying all of these extra activities and, as a result, is more open to trying out new things, both with me and his friends.  Charlie is so much happier these days and is infinitely more relaxed around his peers. I, in turn, am worrying less about Charlie and am feeling much more relaxed about his transition to secondary school later this year. What an amazing change for both of us!  We have discussed these recent improvements on a number of occasions and both agree that seeing you was the best decision ever. Despite being somewhat reticent during some of his sessions, Charlie has clearly taken on board what you have said to him – and is happy to admit this! – and knows he (or we) can use the exercises whenever he feels the need.

We are both so happy and cannot thank you enough.  With very best wishes

Mia, mother of Charlie, age 11