Nightmares, Self-Harming and Anger – Gone

Our once happy 16-year-old son had turned into a dark, angry, self-harming, lying, stealing, argumentative person we no longer recognised. He could not sleep from nightmares most nights and was suffering from self-loathing and low self-esteem. His school grades were way below any hope of getting into the universities he aspired to.  We tried two psychiatrists, two psychologists and one counsellor – but ended up frustrated with the approach of these “specialists” who were costing a fortune and not helping. Then I found Kevin.  It’s now been almost a year since our son first had his meeting with Kevin and they’ve now had 10 sessions in total. He’s still a teenager but the nightmares are gone, his self-confidence is improving, the self-harm has stopped and the anger and argumentative behaviour has gone. Not to mention the praise from his teachers for his massive improvement in grades and attitude.  A sense of calm has again come back to the house, and we have Kevin to thank for this. I would not hesitate in recommending Kevin to anyone, he has returned our boy/young man to us again.

Theresa, mother of George, age 17