Reduced Anxiety, Improved Performance

Before I worked with Kevin I used to stress and panic all the time about school exams and music performances. This affected me negatively in the exams I did, as I was not achieving my full potential. It was at times really holding me back and it was very frustrating. Similarly in sports, my hesitations and self-doubt reduced what I could bring to the game.  This has all changed now since my excessive amount of worries and anxieties have gone. I can focus my mind better in exams and during my games. This in turn means that my performance in exams is far better and I contentiously achieve better grades that I could have imagined.  Overall, I have become much more confident in my own potentials and this has not just helped me in my school life but also socially. I have become more outgoing and I am now able to have much better conversations with people that I have just met, especially with adults. A good example for this was during my recent interviews for a school application. I am really happy I did this work with Kevin, because although I didn’t notice the effects myself at first, the people around me had noticed the gradual changes in me.

Anna, age 14