Transformation for a 15 Year Old Girl

“Before I spoke with Kevin I felt insecure about the way I looked and had a very low self esteem. However, since working with an experienced confidence coach I feel transformed.

My main objective was to become a more confident person and say and do what I wanted rather than always holding back. Kevin showed me how to address my fears and problems by advising me on several helpful techniques and making me think more positively when I was faced with a situation that I found emotionally challenging. For instance, before I met Kevin I hated putting my hand up in class, it scared me and, as a result, I would hardly participate as I was constantly hesitant and preoccupied with what others might think of me. Kevin showed me the source of this fear, that I was scared of being the centre of attention and because I thought negatively of my personality and appearance I did not want to draw attention to myself. Now I am able to conquer most things that I probably would have never done without Kevin; he has even helped with my fear of spiders! Not only have I noticed a difference in myself but so have the people around me. Nowadays, I feel so much happier with both my looks and my character.

Confidence is such a beautiful thing because, once acquired, you have the ability to walk into a room and allow it to radiate off you, reflecting on the people around you. To me, that is one of the loveliest feelings there could ever be and I hope that it stays with me forever. Thank you Kevin☺”

Caitlin O’Connell, Age 15