Far Happier, No More Bullying

“Hi Kevin,

Many thanks for all the sessions you have given Andrew.

Generally, he seems in a much happier place than he was. He has a wonderful sense of humour, and that has returned once again, as he lost it for a bit. And I don’t think things worry him as much as they did. He also seems more able to move onto new things without getting so worked up about the unknown, and is willing to give whatever it is a go.

And I come lastly (although it was the main reason for coming to you), to bullying at school. He has hardly mentioned it at all! And when he has, it has been how confident he feels about being who he is, and dealing with the situation confidently, and feeling good about it afterwards!
Many thanks again,”

Margaret, Mother of Andrew, Age 13

Further Update…

“Hello Kevin,
Thankyou for everything 3 years ago, a few months after the coaching I made many new friends, and last summer I went to a couple of cosplay meets in london with my friends and met even more people! I can’t thank you enough for it all, it has made a huge impact on my life! Thankyou!”

Andrew, Now 15