From the Father of a 16 Year Old Girl

Dear Kevin

I am sending you this testimonial because I feel compelled to, and indeed honour bound to.

When I contacted you I was as very worried about my sixteen year old daughter and her lack of confidence and ability to make friends. You will remember I was also a little sceptical as to whether you would be able to achieve anything.

Well here I am just a few short months later and I am writing to thank you for the most profound change. To say that this change that has turned my daughter’s life around would not be an over statement.

By way of background to anyone that may read this, my daughter Eleanor is the product of a top girls school and approx. £120k of school fees so far. But she was terribly lacking in confidence. I contacted Kevin when she ended up in tears after a Young Farmers event when she felt unable to take part in a group game due to nerves. All of the investment in her education was in effect wasted as she did not have the basic skills to cope with life.

I don’t know what Kevin has done. Eleanor will not discuss what skills she has learned from him. But I do know it is magical. From the time she came back from her first session, the difference has been simply staggering.

From having no real friends she now has a circle of many, and it is expanding all the time. She recently felt able to apply for a little job and got the job at interview. In this job she models clothes in a top up-market store and serves customers. In the pre-Christmas run-up she was the top sales person in her department – selling £15k worth of jumpers in one 6 hour shift. Before working with Kevin she would have been nervous to have even purchased a jumper from the store in question.

How would I sum up what Kevin does?

Simple. Kevin changes lives.

Not just the person that is trained, but by osmosis the lives of others around that person.

The best money I have ever spent on my daughter has been spent with Kevin. Definitely. I only wish I had found Kevin years ago.

To anyone that is reading this wondering if they should take the “risk” then I would simply say “do it”. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. When I look at my daughter now I am often reminded of a phrase that Kevin used in an email to me when I first contacted him. In it he spoke of hoping to achieve a “happy and confident Eleanor”. That is exactly what he helped to create.

So that’s it. To conclude I can really only say THANK YOU KEVIN. I owe you big time.

Mark Sear, Father of Eleanor, age 16